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In his review of the book “Why Does the World Exist” (“The Really Big Question”, TPM, October 2012), Massimo Pigliucci states that he was hoping the author Jim Holt had explored James Ladyman and Don Ross’s “suggestion that there is no ‘ultimate’ stuff of which the universe is made, that ‘at bottom’ it’s all about […]

Reduction is not possible without emergence and vice versa if you’re talking about the kind of reduction that David Nagel elaborates.  Nagel’s work is the touchstone of reduction theory.  Based upon his work, if you’re reducing  you’re moving from some level or domain B and realizing it in the operation of some other level, or […]

Context, such as the community you live in, or the school you attend, or the family you’re a member of, in some ways defines you as a person and in some ways determines what you do as a person. Every thing – object, structure, process, or event – is associated with one, or more contexts […]

Whether and to what extent logic and mathematics are sciences is currently a hot topic of discussion in philosophy.  Much of this discussion has to do with the debate over whether or not science can provide methods and insights for studying and understanding all areas of human endeavor.  (As an often overlooked corollary this includes […]